What is the style of Kencana Art Photography?

We are combining the style requested by our customer with available and various concepts we offer to produce the distinguishable photos.
Periodically, we improve and create new concept to bring the photo impressive and alive.

What kind of facilities provided in Kencana Art Photography?

We complete our service with bridal salon, dresses, wedding gown, costumes from different countries and ethnics, men's suit, simple dress and many more.
Complete frame gallery.

What kind of photo package offered in Kencana Art Photography?

Kids photography, teenagers style, graduation, indoor and outdoor pre-wedding, wedding day package, candid photography.
Commercial photography Interior, exterior, furniture, fashion, product, company profile and more.
Meeting captured moment in groups of 50 to 500 people.
One day service photo for foreign customer or other in Javanese/ Balinese costume.

How is the equipment condition?

We periodically upgrade our camera, hardware, software to be up front in technology.
We serve with two high quality digital chemical printing machine in producing the photo in any sizes with high quality. The process of producing is in convenient waiting time.

How about the price?

The price we offer is vary from a low budget packages to special exclusive customed packages and the price we offer is comparable with the facilities and the quality we give to customer.

Is there any overseas photography provided?

Yes, we can serve for overseas photography, such as pre-wedding, post wedding, and family portraiture in overseas.

If you have any further inquiries, please email us